Family Sized Pies

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Family Sized Pies


For a limited time only we are offering our Cottage, Fish and Chicken and Pancetta pies in large family sizes that comfortably serves 2 adults and 2 children.

Choose from our :

Cottage Pie

A delicious and nutritious cottage pie, jam-packed full of vegetables with a crispy veggie and mash topping. 

Fish Pie

Packed full of omega 3 rich fish, this nutritious fish pie includes white fish, salmon, eggs and peas with a crispy veggie and mash topping. 

Chicken and Pancetta Pie

A delicious pie bursting with flavours of chicken, pancetta and tender veg. Slow cooked in the oven, this dish, is topped with crispy mash and will make sure that your little ones have at least 7 vegetables at tea time! 

Deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays - we will contact you to find an hour delivery slot that suits you. 


Size of pie 241mm x 241mm


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