Advice for Playing Online Roulette Better

Nothing you can do will affect where the small ball stops once the roulette wheel stops spinning; roulette is a game of pure chance. How then do some people routinely have more success than others? Why do some people consistently have better luck than others at the roulette table? It’s because they play smart and employ a variety of strategies to increase their odds of winning.

But what strategies do they employ, and what are the best ways to maximize your winnings when playing online roulette? Some of them are detailed below; implementing even a couple of them should immediately improve your results at the roulette table.

Get out the French Roulette!


The three most common variants of roulette are the American, European, and French versions. While all variations of roulette share the same rules for play, French roulette delivers the best odds to gamblers. In general, the house edge in French roulette is only 1.35%, but it is 2.7% in European roulette and a whopping 5.26% in American roulette. If so, then why?


First of all, the house edge is much smaller than in American roulette because there is no double zero on the wheel. This is also true in European roulette, however the La Partage rule gives the French version an edge.


If the ball lands on zero while betting even money, the gambler receives half of their wager back. This feature is unique to French roulette. Those who want to maximize their financial gains should always play French roulette.


The old adage, “practice makes perfect,” rings true here.

Even though roulette is a game of chance, skill can significantly increase your winnings. This is because there are a wide variety of bets and rules in the game. You won’t have the best chance of winning if you don’t know these guidelines.


Using a practice roulette table at an online casino is the simplest approach to become familiar with the game. Playing at these practice tables with play money means you won’t have to risk any of your own money while learning the ropes. You shouldn’t start playing at real money tables unless you’re comfortable with the game on a practice site.

Play only at 1:1 odds.

The next bit of advice may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s something that all seasoned roulette players agree on: even money bets are your best option across the board. Red/black, odd/even, and hi/lo bets pay even money and have a 50/50 probability of returning a profit over the long run. This is due to the fact that on the roulette wheel, even money bets have the smallest house edge. Players who want to boost their odds of winning often place multiple even-money wagers per turn. If you’re playing roulette, it’s smarter to progressively increase your chip stack than to keep betting on a bet with poor odds of winning.



However, many people feel that even money bets lack excitement because the most they may pay out is twice the amount of money you put in. However, if financial gain is your first priority, they are your best option. However, if you’re just gambling for fun, you may always increase the stakes by wagering on alternatives.


The Gambler’s Fallacy is a Bad Bet.

The gambler’s fallacy occurs when a player falsely assumes that their chosen option has a higher probability of winning than it actually does. The gambler’s fallacy can be seen in action when a player sees three consecutive red numbers on a roulette wheel and assumes that a black number is following. However, the odds of a given color spinning in next are still around 50%, even if the ball lands on red a thousand times in a row.


The gambler’s fallacy is a harmful cognitive bias that leads people to overestimate the likelihood of an event by placing bets on it. Avoid this by preparing yourself with an understanding of the odds and playing each spin of the reel like it were the first.


Try Not to Push Yourself Too Far

Don’t overextend yourself if you want to keep playing roulette for as long as possible. Many inexperienced roulette players quickly realize that they have lost all of their chips because they get carried away and place bets that are disproportionately huge to their bankroll. Instead, they should practice responsible money management and never end a roulette session without enough chips for the following one.


When playing roulette, it is important to master bankroll management. You shouldn’t risk more than a modest fraction of your whole bankroll (say, C$100) in any given session at the online casino. The standard table stakes, in most situations, is roughly 10% of total funds. Then, you need to have the restraint to utilize only that sum during the session, and to leave if you find you’ve already spent it all. On the flip side, you should not only walk away from the table if you win a certain amount, but you should also leave the table if you win that amount.


Avoid Playing When Exhausted

After a hard day at the office, most people who play online roulette do it when they are extremely exhausted. It’s not a great plan to do this. The reason for this is straightforward: if you’re fatigued, you won’t have the stamina to see a session through to the end and will be more likely to make poor choices. If you aren’t able to commit to playing until the end of a session, you’ll start placing increasingly risky wagers, likely because you’re losing interest in the game and would rather be doing anything else.


If you find your focus slipping and your decisions becoming less than optimal, you should immediately log out of the online casino and do something else. You can return at a later time, when you’re feeling more rested. It’s also crucial to note that, for the same reasons that playing while weary is a horrible idea, being drunk and playing roulette is a terrible plan.


Realize You Can’t Win Them All

The way a player reacts to a losing streak has a significant impact on how much money they make when playing roulette. There’s nothing you can do to ensure the ball lands in your favor, and you may occasionally lose a string of bets. The idea is to keep playing through the losing run until it ends. Just because you’ve had a string of terrible luck doesn’t guarantee the next time you spin the roulette wheel will similarly be a dud.


Some players prefer to reduce their wagers after a losing streak, while others maintain that wagers should remain constant regardless of the player’s fortunes. Some players even opt to increase their wagers. However, the road you take is ultimately up to you, as each option is equally viable.


Relax and have fun!

If there’s one thing you take away from your time spent playing roulette, whether at home or in a brick-and-mortar establishment, let it be this: Have fun! If you’re not having fun, you won’t care if your next wager wins or loses, and it will prevent you from ever making the best choices.


Furthermore, the primary goal of the game of roulette is entertainment. What’s the purpose in playing if you’re not having fun? If you notice that you are losing interest in roulette, it is best to take a break and try again later. Playing a different genre of game may be in order if you still find the current one unenjoyable.






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